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woman freelancer working from homeAnyone who is engaged in producing text or content on demand may be described as a freelance copywriter. The term ‘freelance’ is indicative of the fact that they are working as free agents, typically undertaking clearly set copywriting commissions or projects for a variety of clients purely on an ad hoc basis.

The term ‘Copywriter‘ itself is a loosely defined because copywriting will many times encompass a variety of tasks that could be defined more precisely in several other industries like in publishing. Such tasks include writing, content rewriting, editing, copy-editing, structuring, proofreading, planning and even liaison with a variety of diverse professionals like web developers and graphic designers.

professional marketing materialsWhen working with businesses, the copywriters typically offer vital support to the businesses’ marketing function through writing and generating marketing materials like advertisements, brochures, and web copywriting. On average, the contractor will be dealing with the company’s marketing director or marketing manager, but in firms that are smaller, the CEO or MD could directly approach the copywriter.

Also, copywriters do also carry out their work with established agencies, supporting the agency’s creative work through adding to their service portfolio a copywriting function. Although lots of agencies are providing writing services, some could opt to utilize the services of a freelancer in actually doing the work. This could either be due to a lack of in-house copywriting capacity, or perhaps they are in need of the expert copywriter’s skills.

Contracting copywriters, do also work together or along with several other categories of clients. This could be charities, academics or public sector organizations. Anyone in need of getting something written or edited could be interested in getting copywriting services.

Lots of copywriters, just like other forms of business undertakings, do list the services they offer in traditional directories. For the majority however, the principal method of hooking up with potential clients is basically via the internet.

copywriting-websitesNowadays, the majority of copywriters have got their individual web presences. Some do have their websites optimised for online search in ways that would attract web users entering search terms like ‘freelance copywriter’ or just ‘copywriter’. To cut down the competition, copywriters might also, seek to get better search engine ranking terms like ‘Copywriter Sydney’ or ‘Melbourne copywriter’. To further build up their copywriter site profile, they could seek to gain coverage in a variety of online copywriting directories, for example on TrueLocal or Yahoo.

Upon establishing contact, the copywriter will organize to have a meeting with the new client so as to establish the SEO copywriting work needed. This entails taking into consideration vital aspects like objective/purpose, target format, voice tone and perhaps most importantly, the readers’ situation. The type of response that one is aiming to get from the readers. Skilled copywriters first carefully collect all such data and information prior to even commencing with the copywriting task.

people per hourPrior to commencing with the task, a copywriting professional is going to seek an agreement with the client on the price. Majority charges for their input by the day, but several could agree to charge you per hour or by the word count. When you charge by some words, you stand at risk of having to carry out too many revisions before the work is right, which could you leave undercharging. For some jobs like creating huge numbers of search-engine friendly copies, it would be appropriate to use the per-word approach.

It is essential to have a realistic estimation of time that is required and the client too must appreciate the amount of effort that could go into a copywriting commission. Creating a 3-word slogan, for example, could entail some days as the copywriter liaises with executives of the company, reviewing content from competitors, brainstorming sessions and work evaluation.

Although not very ideal, lots of copywriters agree to begin working without having in place a legally binding contract. A client email that has explicit authorisation.

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